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Books, CDs & Vinyl Records

After a long day at work there are few things better than delving into a book or listening to a new album. At 365Games, we’ve got your entertainment needs covered, with a fantastic selection of media at your fingertips. 

Whether you’re into pop, rock, RnB or metal, browse our range of music CDs and you’ll be sure to find something to suit your preference. With thousands of titles on offer there’s plenty to add to your collection.

Vinyl records are back and here to stay. Treat yourself to a record by one of your favourite artists, then sit back and enjoy. Or, give someone you love one of their favourite albums on vinyl for a truly special gift.

Getting your kids to enjoy their books is a vital part of their learning and development, so make sure yours have all the literature they need to fuel their imagination by browsing our range of children’s books and novels now.

If you’re a booklover be sure to head over to our Fiction store to get your literary fix. Whether it’s the latest top 10 bestseller or a range of classics you’re looking to delve into you’ll find thousands of titles here at fantastic prices.

Perhaps you’re more a fan of comic books and illustration, in which case our range of Graphic Novels might just be what you’re looking for. Lose yourself in exciting new settings as you follow your favourite characters through their latest battle, or relieve their classic adventures.

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